Sunday, 10 March 2013

AF101 setting for cinematic shooting

 Still from the horror short CUT FREE starring Vasso Georgiadou

Hi DOPs,

these are my favourite settings for noise free cinematic images (scene file) on my AF101:

Rec PH 1080/25P
VFR off
Detail -6
VDetail -6
Det. C -6
Chroma level -6
Chroma phase -2
Colour temp Ach 0
Colour temp Ach 0
Master ped -2
A iris 0
DRS off
Gamma Cinelike V
Matrix Norm1
Skintone DTL off

Most important are to set all details to -6 to avoid noise, master ped to -2 (0 give a black level higher than needed), gamma to Cine V and the matrix to Norm1. Chroma phase removes a slight pink-ish tint but that's a matter of taste.

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