Saturday, 13 August 2011

"HD" monitors for HDSLRs

There are loads of monitors out there for HDSLRs which claim to be high def. What turns out is that most of them take an HD signal but then down convert it to standard definition.
For example,

They both offer so called HD. But if you look at the actual resolution, you get just 800x400. This is not even standard PAL resolution.

In addition many Canon cameras scale down to standard resolution while filming. As far as I know it's only the 7D which provides full HD all the time.

My personal bottomline is: I rather buy a camera with a proper viewfinder than trying to find an external monitor which is sharp.

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  1. The thing is future is still happening and we will get our wish list in one camera but it will always be at a price. the thing about DSLRs that makes them so damned attractive to us filmmakers is their price point. Now I would adjust myself to it's shortcomings adn go about it any which way I can. Most important thing is focus when using the viewfinder etc. The framing can be seen through that as well or a macbook connected to it. I would use a loupe focus and then just shoot. If I can afford I would use the small LCD screen to just use as a guide when moving around with the camera. Wouldn't use it for focus.


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